The GroundHawk staff is known for accurate and insightful data collection, ensuring you have confidence in your utility location reporting to help keep your project moving forward. 


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Experts in Utility Location

The GroundHawk staff is known for delivering accurate analysis and inventory of everything that’s underground so that you can design and build with confidence across the Southeast. Our approach to utility location blends state-of-the-art technology with more than 20 years of experience which allows us to provide community-minded solutions that deliver our clients with actionable and insightful information because we know what’s underground is essential to life above ground.

Why Choose GroundHawk?

Did you know that 352,786 utility service interruptions occur every year that are caused by individuals NOT locating their utilities before digging? This is because most of the stuff that makes America run is underground. Electricity, water, cable, all the things that we use every day at home and at work are mostly all buried underneath us -and- all really delicate. Public utility locators like 811 are only responsible for locating utilities marked within the right-of-way areas of a project site. They do not mark private utility lines. These providers typically will often only locate public utilities up to your property’s meter or private connection point. Hitting a wire or pipe and breaking it can result to costly outages and project delays. The GroundHawk team has many years of experience in utility locating and engineering. We use the latest technology and best management practices to provide our customers with quick turnarounds and precise reporting.

  • GroundHawk is well known for high-quality reporting and analysis.
  • Our staff ensures location assignments are completed in a professional and timely manner.
  • GroundHawk clients see consistent cost savings by avoiding costly repairs.
  • With every project, it is our goal to keep our client’s project sites safely marked from potential, hidden threats, and dangers that can hinder a project’s timeline or cause a serious injury that otherwise could have been avoided.