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Growing with GroundHawk: Meet Kiiya Wygant!

Growing with GroundHawk: Meet Kiiya Wygant!

GroundHawk welcomes Kiiya Wygant to our team of dedicated utility location technicians providing insight below the surface across the southeast. At GroundHawk, Kiiya serves as the team’s lead technician in all things subsurface engineering, utility locating, mapping & design, and more.

Kiiya joins GroundHawk with multiple years of experience as a Damage Prevention Specialist and Utility Engineer working to locate underground infrastructure to ensure the safety of gas, water, power, telecommunications, fiber-optic, and sewer lines.

“Kiiya has already been a great addition to our team,” GroundHawk Director of Operations Ryan McCranie says. “She has brought a great degree of leadership and industry knowledge to the GroundHawk family, and we’re glad to have her capturing subterranean intelligence for our clients all across the southeast.”

In her free time, Kiiya enjoys watching documentaries and reading mystery novels. She is an excellent ice skater, and she loves to be outside, especially when she’s fishing or kayaking with friends and family. Her favorite food is oxtails, and she loves spending time with her two cats, Stormy and French Fry, and her pup Milkshake. No one else on our team has been able to beat her in The Office trivia, and we’re so glad to have her infectious smile light up our offices and each project site we visit.

“The best part of working for GroundHawk is that everyone is always smiling,” Kiiya Wygant said. “Everyone is on a first-name basis, and the office has a very relaxing ambiance.”

We are absolutely thrilled to have Kiiya on our team of utility location technicians, and we’re excited to watch her grow in her role at GroundHawk!