The GroundHawk staff is known for accurate and insightful data collection, ensuring you have confidence in your utility location reporting to help keep your project moving forward. 


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Our Clients Frequently Ask

How soon do we need to call before digging or the project starts?

Always call to have underground utilities located accurately before you dig and before you begin the design phase of your project. Utilizing subsurface utility locate services before you start designing the layout of a project can save time and money. When engineers receive utility-reports along with the project’s survey maps, they are able to better plan for the site’s needs during the initial concept phase which can help elevate the need for modifications to the initial site plans down the road.

What service area does GroundHawk cover?

GroundHawk services the entire Southeast region. With two branch offices located in Athens, Georgia, and Nashville, Tennessee, our team’s project experience spans across Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

How long does it take to get a quote?

The GroundHawk team is dedicated to providing quick and friendly service to each and every customer. We work hard to respond to every inquiry within 24 hours and get to most requests within the same day.

When does a customer use 811 vs. a private locate company?

811 is a national public service that locates public utilities that are owned by utility companies. GroundHawk provides public and private subsurface utility locating services for all private utilities that are on your property. This includes communication, fiber optic, water, and gas lines.

What kind of equipment does GroundHawk use?

GroundHawk SUE technicians use advanced equipment and technology that is trusted for its accuracy within the subsurface utility locating industry. Some of the equipment we use includes Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), pipe horns (induction equipment), and Electromagnetic Radio Detection equipment. The GroundHawk Operations team stays at the forefront of industry trends and thrives on innovation which is what fuels our drive for growth and expansion.

What are the consequences of not locating utilities?

Utility locating services are life-saving and cost-saving services. Anytime you are planning to work underground it is imperative that you utilize a utility locate company such as GroundHawk to prevent risks such as injury, fire, fines, and/or long-term power loss. Because so many of our public utilities are now buried underground it is required by most state laws to locate utilities before digging.

How accurate is your utility locating equipment?

GroundHawk SUE technicians use the latest technology and equipment to provide the highest accuracy for subsurface utility locating. Our SUE technicians provide identification of every subsurface utility within the designated limits provided for the topographic survey. Sewer and storm drain location can be provided upon request.

Will I receive any deliverables?

Once GroundHawk’s SUE technicians finish locating the utilities for a project and markings are in place, the information collected is then packaged into a KMZ file, which is also known as a utility sketch, and outlines the findings and information associated with each utility. We also provide a full written report that outlines the existing utilities which include the service provider details. These files are part of every report packaged that we provide to our clients.