The GroundHawk staff is known for accurate and insightful data collection, ensuring you have confidence in your utility location reporting to help keep your project moving forward. 


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Subsurface Utility Locating Services

Whether you are planning to begin construction, designing, or drilling on a site that may have existing private utilities, locating the subsurface utilities within the project site first can help prevent injury and damage to an existing utility. GroundHawk utilizes the latest technology to locate subsurface utilities with non-destructive methods that rely on antennas of varying strengths to transmit a signal into the surface of the ground to detect the materials hiding below the surface.

Subsurface utility engineering services add value, quality, and accountability to any project. GroundHawk is able to offer subsurface utility engineering at all quality levels including D, C, B, and A.

Project Application

GroundHawk’s SUE professionals are trained to deliver an accurate analysis and inventory of everything that’s underground to empower our clients to design and build with confidence. Our thorough reporting process includes identifying and marking private subsurface utilities within a specified project area. A utility sketch is also carefully packaged in each standard reporting bundle. With more than 20 years of underground utility locating experience, the GroundHawk team is committed to serving our clients with reliable subsurface utility inventory reporting in a professional and timely manner.