The GroundHawk staff is known for accurate and insightful data collection, ensuring you have confidence in your utility location reporting to help keep your project moving forward. 


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Our Utility Location Services

Subterranean Intelligence You Can Trust.

With more than 70 years of industry experience, the GroundHawk team offers a wide range of services to provide accurate and insightful utility location reporting. From the detection of underground utilities, video pipe inspection services, and subsurface utility engineering, our clients can expect high-quality service from knowledgeable and friendly service professionals.

Full-Service Utility Location │ Private Utility Location


Did you know that 352,786 utility service interruptions occur every year that are caused by individuals NOT locating their utilities before digging?

Whether you are planning to begin construction, designing, or drilling on a site that may have existing private utilities, locating the subsurface utilities within the project site first can help prevent injury and damage to an existing utility. GroundHawk utilizes the latest technology to locate subsurface utilities with non-destructive methods that rely on antennas of varying strengths to transmit a signal into the surface of the ground to detect the materials hiding below the surface. From private utility location services to large-scale public sector projects, the GroundHawk team provides subterranean intelligence you can trust.

Proudly serving: Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina, and North Carolina

Subsurface and Above Ground Utility Mapping & Analysis

GroundHawk’s professionals are trained to deliver an accurate analysis and inventory of everything that’s underground to empower our clients to design and build with confidence. Our thorough reporting process includes identifying and marking private subsurface utilities within a specified project area. After conducting our utility location services, a utility sketch is carefully packaged in each standard reporting bundle. With more than 20 years of underground utility locating experience, the GroundHawk team is committed to serving our clients with reliable subsurface utility inventory reporting in a professional and timely manner.

Proudly serving: Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina, and North Carolina

Video Pipe Inspection


With the failing infrastructure of many municipalities causing sinkholes and other expensive and hazardous conditions above, our PACP/LACP/MACP-certified team members are dedicated to providing our clients with full video pipe inspection services to keep their citizens safe and communities thriving. Our technicians have decades of experience utilizing state-of-the-art video cameras and robotic crawlers to inspect underground pipelines, providing our clients with a complete inventory and inspection report of their buried infrastructure and any structural faults, quality-deficiencies, cracks, or blockages present in their underground water, sewer, and storm drainage pipes.

What is identified during inspection?

  • Pipe Damages: Cracks, fractures, breaks, and askew joints must be caught early and repaired before the integrity of the pipe is compromised.
  • Operational Obstructions: Accumulation of debris, sediment, and trash as well as intruding roots can clog pipes and cause backflow.
  • Compromised Systems: If a system has areas of complete collapse or serious defects, the location of required maintenance can be pinpointed to minimize pipe replacement. During inspections, possible violations can be identified and corrected before Notices of Violation and corresponding fines are issued.
  • Pipeline Condition: GroundHawk professionals can inspect any deficiencies or installation defects, assess overall pipe health, and ensure the life of the underground pipe.

Proudly serving: Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina, and North Carolina

Vacuum Excavation


The latest excavation technology, vacuum excavation (or “hydro excavation”) utilizes high-pressure water and air streams combined with an air vacuum to penetrate and break apart soil, efficiently remove large amounts of unwanted materials with very minimal damage to surrounding environment, and allow access to underground utilities. Known as “daylighting,” exposing a utility is the only safe and reliable method to collect Quality Level A SUE data. Vacuum excavation using high-pressure air streams is the safest way to spot check existing underground utilities prior to any excavation activities.

Applications of this service include utility location, utility pole installation, slot trenching, pipeline installation and inspection, potholing, daylighting, trenching, debris removal, loose soil sampling, large-scale cleaning outs (rail tanker cars, trucker tank cars, food production plants, silos, industrial grease traps, water and storm drains, detention and retention ponds, etc.), and more.

Proudly serving: Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina, and North Carolina

Subsurface Utility Engineering


Subsurface utility engineering services add value, quality, and accountability to any project. GroundHawk is able to offer subsurface utility engineering at all quality levels including D, C, B, and A.

Level A: the most in-depth level of investigation, level A utilizes physical digging to locate exact spots of utilities using non-destructive methods such as vacuum excavation

Level B: identifies and locates underground utilities through non-invasive methods such as light electrical currents

Level C: uses on-site surveys and clues such as hand valves and sewer cover to plot utility locations

Level D: the most superficial level of investigation, Level D utilizes topographical surveys, plans from prior surveys, maps, and more to establish a loose utility map

Proudly serving: Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina, and North Carolina